Designer: Ana Ingrid Padilla

Artefactura is a brand for one of a kind handmade bags, clothes and accessories manufactured and designed by Guatemalan architect and designer Ana Ingrid Padilla.

In 2015, Ana became reacquainted with her childhood passion for knitting. Because of this, she went on to create Artefactura, a brand of handmade products that explores traditional textile production techniques. She designed a collection of bags for Artefactura that was presented at a show in a Guatemalan art, furniture and design store called Piegatto. Ana’s designs often include concepts from architectural theory and draw inspiration from the rich textiles of her hometown of Guatemala, as well as from other related arts and crafts. Since 2017, she has continued designing and producing one of a kind pieces for Artefactura while being more focused on dresses , scarfs, sweaters and vests